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Cutting-edge campaign tools at the right price.

Whatever your budget level, there's a NetBoots package to suit your needs.

And for added value, our selection of Add-Ons and Upgrades can help you make it your own.


Get the next generation of campaign tools for only

$150 Per Month + $300 setup fee
Best Value

NetBoots LITE

Get a lightweight version of basic features for

$50 Per Month + $100 setup fee

Campaign Management

Administrative & publishing interface✓✓
List creation & management tool✓✓
Event & calendar management tool✓ 
Email marketing integration✓ 

Media & Promotion

Themed website template✓✓
YouTube video integration✓✓
Flickr photo gallery integration✓✓
Facebook integration✓✓
Twitter integration✓✓


PayPal integration✓✓
Third-party CRM integration✓✓
Real-time contribution tracker✓ 

Optional Add-Ons & Upgrades

Graphic Design

Customizable website template

Choose from one of our pre-designed website templates to get your web presence up and running quickly.

Add your personalized campaign branding

Our in-house design team can add any logo and slogan to one of our standard website templates. We'll also create 3 custom feature graphics around your specific campaign messaging.

Fully customize your site design

We offer completely customized website designs for campaigns of all sizes, constructed around your branding and feature specifications.1

Hands-on Support

Get domain setup assistance

We can help with connecting your NetBoots website to a current or soon-to-be purchased URL.

Get group email setup assistance

We'll assist your campaign with setting up and configuring a Google Apps account for customized (e.g. "") email addresses.

Hire us as new media consultants

We provide customized management of your social network accounts, online campaign strategy and more on a monthly retainer basis.3
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1 Custom site specifications are based on/selected from the current set of available NetBoots features. Any additional functionality is subject to hourly labor rates for development.
2 Customers who purchase the full NetBoots package receive domain setup assistance at no additional charge. Customers who purchase the NetBoots Lite package may receive the same service for a one-time fee of $150.
3 Monthly retainers for new media consulting are calculated based on the size and scope of each campaign and include discounted hourly labor rates. Please ask your NetBoots representative for details.