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Get all the elements of a winning online campaign.

A powerful web presence is the key to victory for political candidates.

In fact, the internet is the single most effective means of mobilizing supporters, maximizing donation potential and capturing the attention of your audience.

It's a new era of politics as we know it. And that's where we come in — conceived and developed as the next generation of campaign tools, NetBoots provides all of the crucial functionality you need to meet your goals.


Run a cutting-edge campaign without technical training.

We've made sure you can use NetBoots right out of the box — no technical skill required — to create pages, upload media and more with a simple, intuitive interface.

Know your way around the back room of a website? You'll be able to unlock even more power using our advanced customization options and data export features.

And if you do get stuck, we're more than happy to answer questions or provide technical support free of charge.


Create a dynamic web presence with minimal effort.

You'll be able to break the latest campaign news in up-to-the minute blog posts, complete with tagging and comment features.

Or share your story by displaying the latest videos or photos from the campaign trail.

Even create excitement during "Money Bomb" donation drives by highlighting fundraising progress and recent donor names in a real-time contribution tracker.


Expand your supporter base and inspire them to action.

NetBoots allows you to quickly collect and assemble information from your supporters into easy-to-manage contact lists. And since our list-building features play nicely with MailChimp and third-party CRMs, you're minutes away from harnessing the power of email marketing to raise money, mobilize volunteers and promote events.

Looking to captivate new supporters and broaden your outreach? NetBoots also draws content from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other sites into a comprehensive, highly-visible online identity for your campaign.


Ease the burden of tedious campaign leg work.

PayPal support and specially-designed web forms make it fast and easy for your supporters to donate through NetBoots — and since we take NO percentage, you get to keep every penny. Need to recruit more volunteers? The NetBoots tool set also collects, organizes and adds them to your lists with ease.

Even organizing campaign events is a snap — NetBoots allows you to create and manage your calendar, collect RSVPs, sell tickets online and more.

So what are you waiting for?

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